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About VLN

We are a group of people in Vermont with Lyme disease, along with our friends, family, and supporters, who have joined together to support each other, and to provide a source of reliable information about tick-borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease.

In our own search for information and in our daily contacts with people in our communities, we discovered that while there is intense interest, there is little reliable information about Lyme Disease in Vermont. This is true both for the average citizen and for the medical community-- unless they turn to resources outside this state, as we have.

This website was our first project, because the need for information is so great. We want to reach both people whose lives might be affected, and the medical community with accurate information about Lyme disease, treatment, and prevention.

We hope you will join us, for information and mutual support. We have an email support group for Lyme patients, too-- to join, click on the link at the right.

For more information about VLN, or if you have questions, please write vermontlyme@vermontlyme.org.

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