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Lyme & Tick-borne Disease Awareness Day

On the lawn at the VT Statehouse
All are invited to tell your stories, enjoy meeting other Lyme folks, and raise awareness.
This will be YOUR day.

More info as things develop!

Lyme Disease is spreading in Vermont. It is more of a threat to Vermonters than West Nile Disease, both in numbers of people that might be affected and in the impact on their lives. A recent study by the Vermont Department of Health verified that Vermont, like its New England neighbors, is endemic for Lyme Disease. If you are bit by a tick in Vermont, the chances are from 20% to 50% that that tick is carrying Lyme disease. It may be carrying other diseases as well.

Early and adequate treatment can cure Lyme Disease in its first stage, shortly after the tick bite. But not everyone notices the tick. Not everyone gets the rash. Even if they do, the rash can take many forms, or may not be noticed or recognized.

For many, the disease begins with a case of "flu". It can disseminate rapidly throughout the body, infecting any organ, including the brain, within days or weeks. Even physicians frequently do not recognize it for what it is, and the disease goes untreated or undertreated. Ticks carry other diseases as well, and may transmit more than one. All should be considered as possibilities.

The suffering of people with Chronic Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases can be immense, with great losses of function and ability. Yet it is preventable. And there is hope even for advanced cases, with appropriate treatment.

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